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It’s often said that the best thing about medicine is that is keeps you humble. Whenever you think you have it mastered, it demonstrates to you that you don’t. In the last couple of days I’ve been humbled, not by diagnostic challenges but by dr/pt relationship challenges.

Adam Cifu | @adamcifu | 11.12.2019

JUST OUT in the Journal of Residual Confounding.

Vinay Prasad | @VPrasadMDMPH | 11.12.2019

Pharma: These drug pricing bills will kill the incentive for innovation.

Also Pharma: We’re thrilled to announce the buyouts of two pre-revenue, public biotech companies at multibillion $ prices and exorbitant premiums of 107% and 172%.

Actions speak louder than words.

John Arnold | @JohnArnoldFndtn | 10.12.2019

Very disturbing data revealed on @BBCNewsnight -important results on rates of myocardial infarction in EXCEL trial were not published with the 3 year EXCEL data. Cardiology Guidelines for PCI changed on the basis of that trial. Data transparency is a critical patient safety issue.

Rita Redberg | @RFRedberg | 10.12.2019

These #digitalhealth devices should be in every GP’s bag: a digital stethoscope, a tricorder, a mobile ECG, a vision analyzer, and a blood pressure cuff. (Maybe a portable ultrasound could be added to the list.)

Berci Meskó | @berci | 9.12.2019

Clinical guidelines can be useful. Better quality guidelines are likely to be more useful.

TripDatabase | @tripdatabase | 9.12.2019

Hello, @bmj_latest could you put on public view ur editorial on importance of disclosing conflicts of interest? Perhaps just for a short while? Seems so very important and relevant to @propublica’s recent launch of database on NIH researchers’ COIs.

Nina Teicholz | @bigfatsurprise | 9.12.2019

Patients should assume that any electronic formatting means data are no longer confidential. It they want confidentiality and continuity, they need to hold their own records.

Richard Lehman | @richardlehman1 | 8.12.2019

Your medical record is, technically speaking, the property of the Secretary of State for Health. How do you feel about this?

Trisha Greenhalgh | @trishgreenhalgh | 8.12.2019

Climate change is not only racking up a bill for future generations to pay, it’s a price that people are paying now with their health.

Tedros A. Ghebreyesus | @DrTedros | 8.12.2019

Forgive the morning crankiness, but the more I see global health leaders congratulate/applaud one another, the more I see them air-kiss, smile, retweet and like, the more I think global health is a vast international conspiracy to maintain the political and economic status quo.

Richard Horton | @richardhorton1 | 6.12.2019

We live with uncertainty. We survive by trial and error. And so we learn from our mistakes. The truth is that failure is endemic.

Richard Horton | @richardhorton1 | 04.12.2019

Recency predicts bursts in the evolution of author citations: “probability for an author to receive new citations depends only on the number of citations collected in the previous 12-24 months”


Alessandro Vespignani | @alexvesp | 29.11.2019

Change your mindset.

@ONTspecialneeds | Ontario Special Needs | 8.12.2019