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General practice has had to transform the way it delivers patient appointments due to #Covid_19.

@DrBekkiR highlights what we can learn from adopting a ‘digital-first’ service:

@NuffieldTrust | Nuffield Trust | 08.05.2020

UK bypassed primary care, ignored public health, failed to use NHS and university labs for testing, failed to protect older people, failed to do contact tracing and community monitoring. Now building centralised system with private for profit companies.

@AllysonPollock | Allyson Pollock | 08.05.2020

Si diceva che le donne si ammalano di meno e poi abbiamo scoperto che non è vero: erano solo meno esposte. Si diceva che i migranti si ammalano di meno e poi abbiamo scoperto che non è vero: hanno solo meno accesso alla sanità. Ora non diciamo niente sui bambini, che porta male.

@andcapocci | Andrea Capocci | 8.05.2020

One of the sad casualties of COVID-19 in the UK is the total collapse in credibility of “independent” scientific advice.

@RichardHorton1 | Richard Horton | 8.05.2020

This week I am seeing the other side of #COVID-19 – Delays in cancer diagnosis -Depression due to social isolation – The patients that feared to come to the ED due to the risk of infection Things have really changed since the last time I was in service (5 weeks ago)

@NarjustDumaMD | Narjust Duma | 8.05.2020

What happens when Covid-19 starts to spread in an office building? Here’s a map of one floor of a call center in SK in March (blue is infected.) And there are lessons in the country’s fast, effective response.

@nxthompson | NXThompson | 6.05.2020

A doctor without a nurse is like a car without a motor or tires.

@marklewismd | Mark Lewis | 6.05.2020

Because so many of you watched #AfterLife2 so quickly and made it Number 1 again, the nice people at @Netflix have suggested that I get off my fat arse and do another season. This is all your fault.

@RickyGervais | Ricky Gervais | 6.05.2020

A Roma ci sono bambini che mangiano una sola volta al giorno, altri (minori di tre anni) che rischiano la denutrizione e la disidratazione. Per il momento di questa situazione se ne stanno occupando solo associazioni, centri sociali e ong.

@annalisacamilli | Annalisa Camilli | 5.05.2020

Pondering whether COVID-19 will be evidence-based medicine’s nemesis. Having saved lives for 25 years, EBM (narrowly interpreted) will now tend to increase deaths. Not yet convinced, but worried.

@trishgreenhalgh | Trisha Greenhalgh | 2.05.2020

You know, if someone asked me to project Covid-19 deaths, I’d say “Epidemiology is a technical subject, and there are real experts. Talk to them, not to me.”

@paulkrugman | Paul Krugman | 5.05.2020

Dear Trisha - I don’t think it’s a matter of doing some good now and doing better later; it’s a matter of determining what is good, and the only way to do that is to study the questions that arise and enroll patients in trials as we attempt to do our best without good data.

@jeannelenzer1 | Jeanne Lenzer | 2.05.20

Has the EBM achieved the goal of improving patient health? We do not know. Are patients too complex, or is EBM too simple? It is honest to think that the EBM has become harmful and it is urgent to abandon it and replace it with a Medicine Based on Living.

@JuanGrvas | Juan Gervas | 2.05.2020

Inequality, and social disadvantage become more important as the pandemic takes its deadly toll.

@MichaelMarmot | Michael Marmot | 30.04.2020