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We’ll miss you, Matteo - come back stronger in 2023

@Wimbledon | Wimbledon | 28.06.2022

This week’s cover, “House Divided,” by Chris Ware.

@NewYorker | The New Yorker | 27.06.2022

@mluckovichajc | Mike Luckovic | 27.06.2022

As ever, it’s instructive to look beneath the surface of the aggregate numbers to see what’s really happening. What appear to be declining overall numbers in Spain, or a slowing of growth in the US, are actually just the BA.5 rise being partially masked by the BA.2 decline

@JBurnMurdoch | John Burn-Murdoch | 26.06.2022

Going forward, no medical conferences should be done in states that deny health care for women. The next @ASH_hematology meeting is in Louisiana and the next AACR meeting in Florida.

@LeonidasPlatan1 | Leonidas Platanias | 25.06.2022

Investigators sometimes get their objectives confused. Scientists should set out to investigate hypotheses, not prove them.

@GuyattGH | Gordon Guyatt | 25.06.2022

A grim map from a May editorial in @nature

Anayo | Anayo Bhattacharya | 24.06.2022

La plus grande faiblesse de la pensée contemporaine me parait résider dans la surestimation extravagante du connu par rapport à ce qui reste à connaître. André Breton

@edgarmorinparis | Edgar Morin | 23.06.2022

Downside: rejected grant application. Upside: sunny evening and very nice bottle of white in the fridge.

@AdamJKucharski | Adam Kucharski | 22.06.2022

Il diffuso impiego di vitamine e supplementi per prevenire malattie cardiovascolari e tumori, in assenza di specifiche carenze, è un enorme spreco di risorse e di tempo. Lo conferma una recente metanalisi su @JAMA_current

@SteMagno74 | Stefano Magno | 22.06.2022

‘‘In terms of what really keeps me up at night, it’s the knowledge that we can’t keep boosting.” —Dr. Peter Marks

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 18.06.2022

Still my favorite

@reverendofdoubt | Joshua | 17.06.2022

Running a good trial is simple.

Here is my checklist

#1 Who do you want to help? (be inclusive) #2 What matters to them? (correct endpoint) #3 What is the best current treatment? (fair control) 1/

#1 It’s important to remember who you want to help Inclusion/ exclusion criteria both explicit & implicit narrow your population This means your results will be less and less generalizable We should include older people, diverse race, and severe disease phenotypes, and also.. 2/

#2 What matters ? People are worried about severe disease, not geometric mean Ab titers Cancer patients want to live longer or better, not have more time till the M protein rises 25% Your primary endpoint should not be some BS surrogate It should be what people care about 3/

#3 What is the current best treatment? Your control arm should be getting the treatment you are actually giving. A study can only change your practice, if the control arm IS YOUR PRACTICE

@VPrasadMDMPH | Vinay Prasad | 16.06.2022

Is there anyone at #ASCO22, or not, who thinks hotel door bag drop of pharma advertisements is anything but a tone-deaf, disdainful waste of money & paper? To me, it symbolizes an utter lack of ability to adapt to changing times. Don’t highlight you’re dinosaurs in an Ice Age.

@JackWestMD | Jack West | 5.06.2022