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Vedo che, per giustificare la difesa dei valori della democrazia e dello stato di diritto, siamo arrivati a giustificare le punizioni di massa indiscriminate. L’unica domanda che rimane è: quali altri passi verso l’abisso?

@fsyloslab | Francesco Sylos Labini | 15.10.2023

With several recent advances and funding, Covid nasal vaccines now have momentum.

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 14.10.2023

The answer to sustaining the NHS lies outside the NHS, with people, patients, communities, relationships, compassion, and love, all of which are available in abundance.

@Richard56 | Richard Smith | 14.10.2023

It’s possible to be deeply concerned about the food industry but also about the diet industry, and also think that health inequalities contribute massively to avoidable mortality and morbidity in the UK

@mgtmccartney | Margaret McCartney | 13.10.2023

Big blood savings: large trial in JAMA shows taking less blood for lab testing reduces #transfusions in intensive care

@OttawaHospital | The Ottawa Hospital | 12.10.2023

Multiple treatments are effective against severe covid. Unfortunately they are largely unavailable across a multitude of countries - several I think are not even imported.

@lorenzomoja | Lorenzo Moja | 11.10.2023

It was so important for me when my non Jewish colleague asked how I was doing, and we mourned together for Israeli victims of Hamas, Palestinian victims, and ongoing Israel state brutality.

@DrZackaryBerger | Zackary Berger | 10.10.2023

I am an Israeli Jew. This is probably the worst week of my life. And yet today of all days it bears repeating: the only way to end this cycle is by working for freedom and dignity for all. For all. On all sides, our blood is the same color and our tears taste the same.

@AmiDar | Ami Dar | 10.10.2023

In conflict, civilians always pay the highest price. War is not the answer. We need peace.

@UN | United Nations | 9.10.2023

To this the legendary Abba Eban once commented that UN peacekeeping forces are like an umbrella that is given on a lovely summer day only to be immediately taken away on the first sign of rain

@EinatWilf | Einat Wilf | 7.10.2023

200 years of publishing practice-changing research. 200 years of being “more than a medical journal”. 200 years of moving the dial on health. 200 years of The Lancet.

@TheLancet | The Lancet | 6.10.2023

New: A growing number of casinos in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are engaging in large-scale money laundering, facilitating cyberfraud that is costing victims in America and abroad billions of dollars, according to new research by the United Nations.

@propublica | Pro Publica | 5.10.2023

@maurobiani | Mauro Biani | 4.10.2023

“Prevention” is fine but limited. Too often it refers to what a health care provider recommends to an individual patient and ignores the cause of the causes

@MichaelMarmot | Sir Michael Marmot | 26.09.2023

Like Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak, I am the child of immigrants/refugees. Stirring up a deranged level of hatred against such people may perhaps seem like clever politics to them, but I hope I’m right in thinking that for most it simply produces revulsion.

@RichardLehman1 | Richard Lehman | 26.09.2023

We write long commentaries because not every nuance can be captured in tweets. At least please read the paper before assuming what our paper says.

@oncology_bg | Bishal Gyawali | 22.09.2023

Remember expert evidence and the difference between evidence and opinion and how to collect both

@schunemann_mac | Holger Schunemann | 22.09.2023

Reducing low value care: opportunities and challenges for Choosing Wisely campaigns

@BMJ_EBM | 16.09.2023

An Italian newspaper has found duplicated images in eight cancer papers co-authored by the country’s minister of health, Orazio Schillaci @mcatanzaro reports @ScienceMagazine

@MicrobiomDigest | Elisabeth Bik | 15.09.2023