Un mese nei tweet

per conoscere, per riflettere, per costruire reti

A lot of people are trying to play with our heads right now.

Let’s stay true to our values. 

Let’s call out lies and distortions. 

Let’s stand up for social justice. 

Let’s rise above small differences and celebrate what we have in common.

Let’s keep believing in a better future.

Trisha Greenhalgh @trishgreenhalgh | 4.7.2019

It can take 60 seconds to tell a patient they have #cancer. But the words we use will reverberate in their minds for the rest of their lives.

Gavin Preston @GavinPrestonMD | 3.7.2019

PSA — Getting to see an electrophysiologist too quickly may not be a good thing. I saw multiple pts this week who had their arrhythmia resolve whilst waiting for an appointment. Made our therapy decision easy.

John Mandrola @drjohnm | 3.7.2019

Ad essere intellettualmente onesti, gigantesco problema della nostra #Medicina è il conflitto di interesse. Servirebbero voci autorevoli a sollevare questo tema con la stessa veemenza contro cui si scagliano, e giustamente, contro le #FakeNews.

Stefano Magno @stemagno74 | 3.7.2019

As we never know when one of death’s thousand doors may open for us, I urge you to start writing your story today. My bet is that once you get started you will enjoy the process–and you will rediscover things that you have forgotten. 

Richard Smith @richard56 | 1.7.2019

Bad medicine in s triumph of false hope/hype over realistic experience.

Allen Frances @allenfrancesMD |1/7/2019

Da medico che cura le donne vorrei far notare come la comandante della Sea Watch sia chiamata per nome, oggetto di insulti a sfondo sessuale, schernita per l’aspetto anche da altre donne. Il nostro mondo si crede moderno ma è ancora un posto rozzo nel quale la donna è un oggetto.

Salvo Di Grazia @medbunker | 30.6.2019

Quality of your paper matters more than journal impact factor. It’s an imperfect surrogate marker just like Altmetric score.

Bishal Gyawali @oncology_bg | 29.6.2019

When a key opinion leader keeps talking about the hazard ratio of a drug but never mentions the absolute benefit, 

You can bet on 2 things

1. They get $$ from the maker

2. The absolute benefit is marginal

Vinay Prasad @vprasadMDMPH | 28.6.2019

‘Public involvement is not an intervention, it’s a relationship’ says @SDenegri & this has a bearing on how we assess its #impact. We also need to include perspectives on impact that aren’t purely academic. 

Bella Starling @bellastarling | 28.6.2019

FDA is under intense pressure to approve drugs shown to be safe but with unproven efficacy. But doing so sells false hope to desperate patients, takes $ that could be spent on proven treatments, causes unnecessary side effects, & raises insurance premiums.

John Arnold @johnarnoldfndtn | 5.6.2019

Health equity is meaningless without the protection of political liberties.

Richard Horton @richardhorton1 |12.6.2019