Un mese nei tweet

per conoscere, per riflettere, per costruire reti

I just lost 20 minutes in my EMR to prescribe a grape popsicle for a patient.

Yes, I have to prescribe popsicles.

Yes, they are in EMR.

Yes, I can prescribe different routes for the popsicle (including intraocular).

Fernando Zampieri @f_g_zampieri | 23.08.2019

When Scientists over-cite Themselves, a Metric of Research Importance Breaks - “50% of the citations of at least 250 scientists are from themselves or their co-authors. The study puts the median self-citation rate at 12.7%” (in 100,000 highest cited folk).

Paul Glasziou @paulglasziou | 22.08.2019

I might start to unfollow anyone who retweeted or liked the @sciam “Broccoli is dying, corn is toxic” article without a critical note. I want my Twitter feed to be filled with people who love science and critical thinking.

Elisabeth Bik @MicrobiomDigest | 21.08.2019

Important to remember that outside of the Twitter bubble, most clinicians and researchers think that the state of research is fine, peer review means that a study’s results can be taken at face value, and that everyone knows what they are doing.  Pats on the back all round.

Jack Wilkinson @jd_wilko | 20.08.2019

By simply making more ethical business decisions, could tech C.E.O.s allow billions of users to feel less isolated, confused, and miserable? Big Tech begins the search for its soul.

The New Yorker @NewYorker | 20.08.2019

Ebola’s continuing spread is evidence that scientific progress does not equal system progress.

Atul Gawande @atul_gawande | 19.08.2019

“One of the difficulties I face with doctors is trying to make them understand that knowing everything about a disease doesn’t mean they know what it is like to live with it”.

Bmj @bmj_latest | 19.08.2019

Another article exposing my pet peeves, this one about the physical examination. A few of my most loathed below (though take a look at the article -- I think it makes me seem less crazy/curmudgeonly).

Adam Cifu @adamcifu | 17.08.2019

Now that an Ebola cure is in sight, we must not forget about the epidemic’s cause: the poverty, conflict, and lack of infrastructure that allowed the disease to spread (and the colonial history that laid the foundation for these struggles).

Sandro Galea @sandrogalea | 15.08.2019

Exaggerating anything loses trust. All the more reason for proper journalists to do proper journalism.

Alan Rusbridger @arusbridger | 15.08.2019

Big announcement…@JACCJournals @ACCinTouch changed their policy and now ‘do not consider the posting of manuscripts to a #preprint server a prior publication’.

Harlan Krumholz @hmkyale | 14.08.2019

We’ve collected together 10 documents over 22 years from UK government departments giving guidance on risk assessment and communication.

All rather good, appearing every few years, and then largely ignored and forgotten. Institutional memory of a goldfish.

David Spiegelhalter @d_spiegel | 9.08.2019

Like a runaway internet meme, vaccines trigger our nation’s currently troubled relationships with science and authority, facts and social media, and individual liberty and collective welfare.

Douglas Rushkoff @rushkoff | 02.08.2019