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per conoscere, per riflettere, per costruire reti

I just lost 20 minutes in my EMR to prescribe a grape popsicle for a patient.

Yes, I have to prescribe popsicles.

Yes, they are in EMR.

Yes, I can prescribe different routes for the popsicle (including intraocular).

Fernando Zampieri @f_g_zampieri | 23.08.2019

“Clinical practice has been and should remain an exercise in judgment driven by the evidence that a doctor and patient have in front of them, rather than by thoughtless adherence to what a manual says”.

The BMJ @bmj_latest | 9.10.2019

Interesting. Just spoke to a doctor specializing in sleep medicine about sleep tech, and they drew a comparison to the weight loss industry: “people spend billions on gadgets and supplements touting a quick fix, but they don’t listen to the free advice”.

Christina Farr | @chrissyfarr | 9.10.2019

“The reason progressives often lose the argument is that they focus too much on wealth redistribution and not enough on wealth creation. We need a progressive narrative that’s not only about spending, but investing in smarter ways”. @MazzucatoM

Zahra Al-Harazi | @zahrasays | 9.10.2019

Teaching is, I believe, a branch of the entertainment industry. Nobody learns when bored.

Richard Smith | @Richard56 | 7.10.2019

Med students shd be taught to be AI bullshit detectors. They need to ask: Is this technology ripe? Is it a barrier or enabler for patients? Does it save time & energy or waste it? What will my role be in 30 years? What are the potential harms?

Richard Lehman | @richardlehman1 | 6.10.2019

Ho appena ascoltato questo lapsus freudiano di grande attualità: “viviamo in un egosistema”.

Luca Sofri | @lucasofri | 5.10.2019

A person who speaks 3 languages is tri-lingual. A person who speaks 2 is bi-lingual. A person who speaks 1 language is English.

Clive Wismayer | @clivewismayer | 4.10.2019

Publishers, reviewers and other members of the scientific community must fight science’s preference for positive results — for the benefit of all.

Matthew Westmore | matt_westmore | 4.10.2019

“Overdiagnosis is not a purposeful act; it is an unfortunate side effect of our irrational exuberance for early detection”.

+ “Early detection is great for the business of medicine”.--Gil Welch, the 1st author of @NEJM paper, on the epidemic of overDx

Eric Topol | @erictopol | 3.10.2019

“Prospective evidence of the potential benefits of using #AI in medicine remains limited”. nature.com/articles/s4157…


Nearly a year later from @NatureMedicine review, not much has changed.

Eric Topol | @erictopol | 3.10.2019

There are real ramifications of the oversimplification of medicine. Protocols, guidelines and exams delude us into thinking there is a ‘right’ answer.

Honesty about uncertainty is the key.

Sam Finnikin | @sfinnikin | 2.10.2019

Everyone: Help us change psychiatry’s misleading narrative: Say depression pills, not antidepressants, as they do not have specific effects for depression; say major tranquillizers, which is what antipsychotics do - they have no specific effects for psychosis.

Peter Gøtzsche | @pgtzsche1 | 1.10.2019

If Medicine wants to maintain trust, it, we, prof societies, must welcome un-conflicted critical appraisal of evidence.

Cheerleader panels at meetings is a blemish.

John Mandrola | @drjohnm | 29.9.2019

“Use of language matters, and getting it right (or wrong) can promote (or prevent) an ethos of shared endeavour between clinician and patient”.

Jordan Canning | @jordancanning_ | 26.09.2019

‘Multimorbidity’: an acceptable term for patients or time for a rebrand?

“Writing Through Extreme Grief Helped Me Become Myself Again”. Catalysts for creativity buff.ly/2XWXFIc

Danielle Ofri | @danielleofri | 25.9.2019