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per conoscere, per riflettere, per costruire reti

I just lost 20 minutes in my EMR to prescribe a grape popsicle for a patient.

Yes, I have to prescribe popsicles.

Yes, they are in EMR.

Yes, I can prescribe different routes for the popsicle (including intraocular).

Fernando Zampieri @f_g_zampieri | 23.08.2019

With health as a common good, and care as a human achievement, healthcare data and the means to draw knowledge from it must be public goods; no entity should be allowed to privatize these, limit access, and create false scarcities for their own profit.

Victor Montori | @vmontori | 12.11.2019

First #Ebola vaccine approved in #Europe today. Meanwhile in #Congo #DRC the Ebola epidemic goes on: more than of 3000 cases, more than 2000 deaths. What is going wrong?

Chiara Montaldo | @montaldo_chiara | 11.11.2019

Come contrastare, anche tramite l’ascolto, fuga da terapie salvavita verso ciarlatani e improvvisatori della c.d. medicina alternativa. Esiste una sola #medicina, basata su evidenze scientifiche, giudizio del curante e valori del paziente

Stefano Magno | @stemagno74 | 11.11.2019

Great to see Andy Oxman present on the amazing work he and others are doing to teach kids to spot dubious health claims.

Julia Belluz | @JuliaofToronto | 9.11.2019

“Simple blood test for early detection of breast cancer”? Not so simple. Not so fast. @mcjaklevic & sources dismantle preliminary hype.

Gary Schwitzer | @garyschwitzer | 7.11.2019

Medical publishing awash in fake journals producing big profits publishing fake papers. Nothing more absurd/cynical than Elsevier starting new fake journal “Biomarkers in Psychiatry” when 40 yrs intense research haven’t found any. Each new journal degrades noise/signal ratio.

Allen Frances | @AllenFrancesMd | 4.11.2019

Early interventions for people at risk of developing psychosis | Cochrane - “no high-quality evidence to suggest that any type of treatment is effective, and no firm conclusions can be made.”

Paul Glasziou | @PaulGlasziou | 1.11.2019

“On balance, the EMR is vastly superior to the paper chart, but the EMR has decisively realigned how doctors and patients connect. The twosome is now a threesome. As with any ménage-à-trois, there are always consequences...”

Danielle Ofri | @danielleofri | 31.10.2019

Dall’inizio dell’anno quasi 60 agenti delle forze dell’ordine si sono suicidati: è un massacro silenzioso che racconta la situazione di malessere di decine di migliaia di agenti che 99 volte su 100 ogni giorno sono vicini ai cittadini in momenti di tensione e stress.

Luca Di Bartolomei | @ldibartolomei | 30.10.2019

“The most important stories we tell about AI won’t be about technology, but about capitalism incapacitating democratic governance”.

Enrico Coiera | @EnricoCoiera | 27.10.2019

Canada has some medical marketing for fringe stuff; ie: “facelift medicine” or “executive checkups” but you won’t see hospitals, cancer care centres or anything essential being advertised here. There is no ‘market’ to market for anything lifesaving...

Alan Cassels | AKECassels | 25.10.2019

700 docs wew paid >1 million; 2500 paid >500k by drug & device companies. It’s not a badge of honor to say “we work with many companies & therefore we have COI.” Say No to significant COI.

Vincent Rajkumar | @vincentRK | 19.10.2019