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It’s often said that the best thing about medicine is that is keeps you humble. Whenever you think you have it mastered, it demonstrates to you that you don’t. In the last couple of days I’ve been humbled, not by diagnostic challenges but by dr/pt relationship challenges.

Adam Cifu | @adamcifu | 11.12.2019

“You gave the mouse a cookie. Naturally, he wanted a glass of milk to go with it. Before long, the mouse was moving in and sharing your Netflix password.” @IshaniG Take on how a medical checkup can snowball into a ‘cascade’ of tests cause more harm than good

Loai Albarqouni | @LoaiAlbarqouni | 6.1.2020

Any Pentagon planners participating in targeting of Iranian cultural sites should understand their own responsibility for war crimes. Following orders is not a defense.

Nicholas Kristof | @NickKristof | 5.1.2020

All patients are vulnerable - but some so much more so than others. The socioeconomic gradient in health is precisely what makes the NHS so radical, so priceless, so very worth fighting for. Health follows wealth - but access to healthcare should not

Rachel Clarke | @Doctor_Oxford | 4.1.2020

In 2019 @CircIntv had 97 original articles. 71% had authors with COI. 35% of articles were funded by industry. Of the 9 open access articles, 8 were done by authors with COI with industry. (My research. Could have mistakes)

Victor Dayan | @VictorDayan1 | 4.1.2020

Thread. Sept messages importants en santé des femmes. 1. De meilleures méthodes contraceptives sont nécessaires et possibles. 2. Tous les produits d’ “hygiène” vulvovaginale sont des arnaques. 3. Les femmes transgenre sont des femmes. Point final.

Martin Winckler | @MartinWinckler | 4.1.2020

Here I share some profound clinical wisdom. When you have trouble making a diagnosis over the phone, it usually helps to see the patient. I hope you were taking notes.

Adam Cifu | @AdamCifu | 3.1.2020

I am totally disappointed with the price increases on more than 200 prescription drugs within 3 days of the New Year. I am calling out @bmsnewsfor hiking price of Revlimid by 6%. I’m calling on experts to call out drugs in their own field.

Vincent Rajkumer | @VincentRK | 3.1.2020

2020. Clear vision of people hoping for a better future because of what they do now. Working today for a future in which people care for and about each other. #ForCare as a profoundly human development, rooted in justice and solidarity. 2020. Here. We. Come.

Victor Montori | @vmontori | 1.1.2020

...And on March 2020 we are going to launch PROFFIT the instrument to describe, measure and hopefully fight financial toxicity of cancer in Italy.

Francesco Perrone | @fperrone62 | 30.12.2019

Please let 2020 be the year of critical thinking Asking hard questions on evidence , what it tells us and what it doesn’t About who stands to benefit and lose About whether creating unintended harms And whether we are more concerned with our popularity than limiting harms.

Margaret McCartney | @mgtmccartney | 29.12.2019

Recall that the more information you get, the more disproportionately higher the ratio of noise to signal. Say, a little bit of information, 50% noise; a lot, 99.9% noise. Likewise, in any field, the higher the number of academic publications the higher the ratio of garbage.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb | @nntaleb | 27.12.2019

Tweetorials are definitely a thing.

Fabio Ambrosino | @fabioambrosino_ | 25.12.2019