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It’s often said that the best thing about medicine is that is keeps you humble. Whenever you think you have it mastered, it demonstrates to you that you don’t. In the last couple of days I’ve been humbled, not by diagnostic challenges but by dr/pt relationship challenges.

Adam Cifu | @adamcifu | 11.12.2019

Cancer screening is not a one time intervention, it’s a process. The goal is not to detect disease, but to treat such detected disease if needed.

Bishal Gyawali | @oncology_bg | 5.2.2020

Collaboration often prevails over competition in evolution ... if you want to go quick, go alone, if you want to go far, go as a team and wait on your partner...

C. Michael Gibson | @CMichaelGibson | 5.2.2020

“I’ve often wondered why we routinely put so many patients into hospital gowns within minutes of their arrival. Sometimes referred to as ‘dignity gowns,’ such dignity as they afford is only in comparison to being stark naked.”

BMJ | @bmj_latest | 5.2.2020

Brands with some associations to the word “coronavirus” are issuing unusual clarifications to consumers.

Wall Street Journal | @WSJ | 5.2.2020

Replying to @WSJ

Drew Kelor | Drew_Kelor | 5.2.2020

“Il problema non riguarda solo le #FakeNews, ma anche la sovrabbondanza di fonti informative. Queste creano confusione nelle persone che [...] cercano risposte chiare e semplici su come tutelarsi dal rischio nelle situazioni quotidiane”.

Giacomo Galletti | @GiaGal72 | 5.2.2020

A growing number of researchers are looking into the gut microbiome’s role in drug metabolism. A whole variety of drugs could be altering the balance of bacterial species, disrupting the digestive system or causing other problems.

Nature | @Nature | 5.2.2020

From healthier diets, to cleaner air & more physical activity - taking action to cut greenhouse gas emissions has many benefits for human health.

The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change | @LancetCountdown | 3.02.2020

Call me old-fashioned, but when I read anything to do with big data and/or AI, I want to apply the 3 tests of good science: - contestability - replicability - applicability Does anyone know of a good (short) critical discussion?

Richard Lehman | @RichardLehman1 | 3.2.2020

Interesting that the debate was between whether capitalism must end or private companies radically reformed. In my view, either way, health and wellbeing must become the primary outcome not profit.

Kamran Abbasi | @KamranAbbasi | 31.01.2020

In healthcare today “noticing” is impaired. Victor Montori.

22Q11 Ireland | @22Q11_Ireland | 29.01.2020

The characteristics of a Caravaggio painting are drama, story-telling, violence, characters you’d see on the streets of Rome then and now, light and darkness, and immediacy (“like a flash of lightning”).

Richard Smith | @Richard56 | 22.1.2020

Why oh why in a civilised society is scarcely one quarter of hospice care government funded? The NHS is meant to be cradle to grave. Do our dying not deserve our greatest compassion?

Rachel Clarke | @Doctor_Oxford | 31.1.2020

Financial relationships between patient and consumer representatives and the health industry - a systematic review showing, yet again, that many patient organisations are failing to disclose CoIs.

Angela Coulter | @acpatient | 21.1.2020