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As an MD, PhD who spent years developing an #Ebola treatment, I know that we need #fact-based leadership, NOT political spin, to mobilize a comprehensive response to the #CoronavirusOutbreak NOW. People’s lives are literally at stake.

Dena Grayson | @DrDenaGrayson | 4.3.2020

Curious that not one UK journalist picked up on the fact that British PM Johnson admitted to actively spreading #COVID–19 ‘I was at a hospital where there were a few #coronavirus patients and I shook hands with everybody’

James James | @Tingaling007 | 4.03.2020

Personal protective equipment - or PPE - includes: • gloves • medical masks • respirators • goggles • face shields • gowns • aprons

World Health Organization | @WHO | 4.3.2020

To better understand the burden of #COVID19 we need to expand testing to all patients who have unexplained ARDS or severe pneumonia, and ultimately to patients who have mild symptoms consistent with COVID-19, @T_Inglesby @JHSPH_CHS

JAMA | @JAMA_current | 3.03.2020

#Covid19 “When executed properly, #Quarantines can reduce transmission but #HumanRights must be respected, and in an age of global connectivity it may be difficult if not impossible to implement effective quarantine measures.” @CarlosdelRio7 @JAMA_current

Seminar Permanente de Bioetica |
@SPBioetica_UNAM | 3.3.2020

“Panic” is not buying extra rolls of toilet paper. Panic is what nurses & doctors are going to have to deal with when they turn people’s parents away from ICU beds.

Claire Lehmann | @clairlemon | 2.3.2020

Bolivia’s coup president has released face masks with her party logo on them. This is Bolivia’s preparation for #COVID–19

Ollie Vargas | OVargas52 | 2.3.2020

There are 2 responses to a crisis like #coronavirus #COVID–19 The first, understandably, is concern for one’s own health and the instinct to protect it and one’s family, but this can quickly spiral into an every-man-for-himself mentality The second comes from my late father:

Mark Lewis | @marklewismd | 2.3.2020

“We are in the midst of a struggle. A struggle for the soul of global health...” Facts are not enough: Offline by @richardhorton1

The Lancet | @TheLancet | 2.3.2020

Panic is a word that’s been widely used during this coronavirus outbreak, yet @RSPeckam argues that the social phenomenon of panic is little studied or understood, despite its growing importance in our ever more connected world

The BMJ | @bmj_latest | 1.3.2020

Unclear why @drsanjaygupta keeps citing a 2% fatality rate (@CNN, @FareedZakaria today) for #COVID19 from Anthony Fauci, when Tony, Cliff Lane @NIAIDNews and @CDCDirector published “may be considerably <1%” in @NEJM 2 days ago

Eric Topol | @EricTopol | 1.3.2020

Responding to Covid-19, a Once-in-Century Pandemic? A short article by Bill Gates, worth a read!

Zafar Mirza | @zfrmrza | 1.3.2020