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It’s very disappointing to see “St. Thomas’ Hospital sources” leaking information about the Prime Minister’s medical condition to the press. It’s even more disappointing to see the press breach medical confidentiality by publishing this information.

Azeem Majeed | @Azeem_Majeed | 7.04.2020

There have been so many breaches of confidentiality during #covid19 Understandable that very hard pushed staff want to share, but it’s never OK to talk publicly about potentially identifiable patients.

Trisha Groves | @trished | 7.04.2020

“It’s critical that NHS staff are protected through this crisis, not only because they deserve protection at work, but also because the NHS is nothing without them” Derek Alderson @RCSnews calls for #properPPE

BMJ | @bmj_latest | 7.04.2020

“The most concerning possible explanation is that people stay home and suffer rather than risk coming to the hospital and getting infected with coronavirus. This theory suggests that Covid-19 has instilled fear of face-to-face medical care.”

Ginny Barbour | @GinnyBarbour | 7.04.2020

The #COVID19 pandemic underscores the urgent need to strengthen the global health workforce, of which more than 50% are nurses On this #WorldHealthDay WHO & @ICNurses @NursingNow2020 are launching the 1st ever State of the World’s Nursing Report

In 2-5 years’ time, chloroquine will be the main example of how not to do EBM in every medical school.

Richard Lehman | @RichardLehman1 | 7.04.2020

Public health is always a stepchild until it’s too late. This @propublica piece shows that NYC knew exactly what was going to happen if a pandemic hit but didn’t do enough. Now, the city is watching its own predictions come true.

Charles Ornstein | @charlesornstein | 6.03.2020

MD: “I was in the middle of an exam when an admin asked if the pt was high risk for COVID. When I said no, he told me to take off my mask. When I refused, he ripped it off, stating ‘You are giving pts the impression that COVID is far worse than it is.’

Danielle Ofri | @danielleofri | 6.04.2020

“I’ve been frustrated with this language of social distancing because it seems to imply that we’re only going get through this if we turn our backs on one another — and especially turn our backs on the people who are most vulnerable,” says @ErikKlinenberg

Ezra Klein | @ezraklein | 3.04.2020

As our friends and colleagues brave the front lines, we must also get ready for a series of aftershocks. It’s very hard to plan this far ahead while we’re in survival mode. We must prepare early and strategize our response to the collateral damage of #COVID19

A quote from a doctor at one London hospital: “Messy messy environment and lot of confusion...It seems that nobody wants to learn from the human tragedy that happened in Italy, China, Spain. This is really sad. Doctors and scientists who are not able to learn from each other.

Richard Horton | @RichardHorton1 | 31.3.2020

Words are important. Let’s be physically rather than socially distant and socially closer. A Californian friend is cloistered rather than locked down. I prefer the monastery to the prison. Henceforth I’m cloistered.

Richard Smith | @Richard56 | 31.3.2020

Victor Tseng | @VectorSting | 30.03.2020