per conoscere, per riflettere, per costruire reti

Publishers gaming (corrupting/manipulating) the impact factor. Any number that assumes such absurd significance wil be gamed.

@Richard56 | Richard Smith | 30.06.2020

Dire no, per tattica politica, ai fondi europei per la #sanità vuol dire continuare a guardare il mondo e i nostri problemi dal buco della serratura del Transatlantico e non dalla parte dei cittadini.

@EnricoLetta | Enrico Letta | 30.06.2020

This is a governance failure, not an inevitability of the disease.

@ezraklein | Ezra Klein | 29.06.2020

We can officially retire the “maybe the #coronavirus will go away when the weather warms up” theory.

@tmprowell | Tatiana Prowell | 29.06.2020

Rather than using models to inform their understanding, political rivals often brandish them to support predetermined agendas, presenting their policies as dictated by ‘science’.

@NatureNews | Nature News & Comments | 27.06.2020

The language we use in medical charts can perpetuate bias

--a pt “refuses treatment“ (rather than “declines treatment”)

--a pt “denies drug use.” (rather than “doesn’t use drugs”)

--a pt “claims to be in pain” (rather than “has pain”)

@danielleofri | Danielle Ofri | 27.06.2020

20 years ago today, we announced a working draft sequence of the human genome. Thanks to a dedicated team of 2400 scientists in 6 countries, this ground-breaking effort ushered in the fullblown field of genomics & many advances that have followed.

@NIHDirector | Frances S. Collins | 26.06.2020

“Pre-existing conditions” are not a real thing, medically speaking. We’re all humans with a medical history. They are an actuarial construct of times past. It’s rhetorically wrong to talk about “protecting” pre-existing conditions. To reverse the law is to re-invent them anew.

@BenMazer | Benjamin Mazer | 26.06.2020

We cannot let COVID-19 spread like it is right now in Washington. So today, we’re mandating facial coverings statewide.

@GovInslee | Governor Jay Inslee | 24.06.2020

I just read the most obvious words ever written in a clinical science abstract: “These findings should be interpreted with caution.” Perhaps we should start and finish every manuscript with these 7 words.

@drjohnm | John Mandrola | 24.06.2020

There is no second wave because the first wave never ended. He can keep trying to spin away #covid19, but the virus will not listen. Time for leadership that takes seriously this once-in-a-century threat to our public health.

@ZekeEmanuel | Ezekiel Emanuel | 22.06.2020

Oops, dr. Fauci, science is not truth. In many sciences, not even close. And even that is uncertain.

@cecilejanssens | Cecile Janssens | 19.06.2020

One editor’s story: “97 percent of 41 manuscripts were unable to provide proper raw data to support their results when requested by an editor”.

@EnricoCoiera | Enrico Coiera | 14.06.2020