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The #COVID testing at the White House Amy Coney Barrett super spreading event last Saturday was either faulty or the White House lied about the data. About 150 people attended but there were NO positives on the rapid COVID test. That is nearly impossible.

@ZekeEmanuel | Ezekiel Emanuel | 4.10.2020

What else we can learn from the Amy Coney Barrett super spreading event? Limit group sizes to 20 or less--that reduces risk of super spreading events dramatically and should help reduce pandemic cases.

@ZekeEmanuel | Ezekiel Emanuel | 4.10.2020

The lies are coming out now

1. There was a rapid decline in oxygen saturation Friday

2. He received supplemental oxygen

3. He had a high spike in fever

4 .Lung CT abnormal

5. Transferred expediently d/t change in condition

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 4.0102020

3/10/2013 la strage di #Lampedusa e it reagì con #MareNostrum che salvò migliaia di vite. Un orgoglio. La vergogna sono ancora le strumentalizzazioni e gli insulti. Ma gli arrivi crebbero ben dopo che MareNostrum venisse chiuso, appena un anno dopo. Almeno oggi, silenzio e rispetto.

@EnricoLetta | Enrico Letta | 3.10.2020

Oh dear... It is bad science, bad medicine and bad ethics to give unproven things to powerful people that you don’t give to average people

VIP medicine doesn’t mean better medicine when there is no data

You can halt the RCTs & give an EUA if this is your equipoise

@VPrasadMDMPH | Vinay Prasad | 2.10.2020

You do not give a patient -- much less the President of the United States -- a drug that is not yet approved by the FDA (to say nothing of one with “mild symptoms”). Unsurprisingly, the Trump WH is not being forthright to the American people about the health of their President.

@ZekeEmanuel | Ezekiel Emanuel | 2.10.2020

Patrick Vallance: “We don’t have this under control.” Much emphasis on hands-face-space, but without a functioning test-trace-isolate system in the absence of a national lockdown this situation will get much worse.

@RichardHorton1 | Richard Horton | 29.09.2020

If politicians don’t care for science, scientists will have to care more about politics.

@PaiMadhu | Madhu Pai | 27.092020

On human challenge trials for a vaccine, Patrick Vallance advised the H of C S and T committee in July that 2 criteria must be fulfilled: 1. We know the safe dose of the virus to give. 2. There is a rescue therapy. Neither criterion has been met.

@RichardHorton1 | Richard Horton | 24.09.2020

Dr. Fauci is a national treasure.

@rocketgirlmd | Lucy Kalanithi | 23.09.2020

I catch myself feeling hate for the corrupt + evil who cause death, disability, desolation, division, destruction, distrust, deception, despair. Yet, MLK said “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” To love is to care for each other. To love is to vote.

@vmontori | Victor Montori | 23.09.2020

The Pentagon funneled nearly $1,000,000,000 of taxpayer money meant for masks and medical equipment to defense contractors building jet engines and body armor.

@Public_Citizen | Public Citizen | 22.09.2020

Could @HHSGov @SecAzar approve a vaccine on @WhiteHouse orders? “Legally yes, but that’s like a dystopian scifi novel we’d all be trapped in. Who would want to take a vaccine @US_FDA or the vax manufacturer doesn’t recommend?”

@JAMAcurrent | JAMA | 22.09.2020

As a patient w/rare, incurable cancer relying on $900,000 of drugs/yr to stay alive, it saddens & angers me when people pretend to care about patients, but actually are paid by pharma to keep Rx prices high. Groups like @patientsrising hurt US patients.

@DavidP4AD | David Mitchell | 21.09.2020

Researchers at #NIH-funded @UW have developed proteins that can block SARS-CoV-2 from infecting cell receptors in the nose, an advance that holds promise for easily administered #COVID19 therapeutics.

@NIHDirector | Francis Collins | 18.09.2020

Moderna and Pfizer have released the study protocols for their vaccine trials. Links below. There is a lot on the line, and we need as many people as possible who know how to read protocols, to scrutinize them. This is what open data is about.

@RIATInitiative | Restoring Invisible and Abandones Trials Initiative | 18.09.2020

So many countries cutting corners, racing one another to get COVID treatments and vaccines “out there”. Hard to imagine political forces NOT corrupting the scientific process.

@eturnermd | Eric Turner | 9.09.2020

So, in a year of indexing (launch: Sept 2019, soft launch: July 2019), @syllabus_tweets has indexed more than 40,000 pieces of content, from academic articles to podcasts. This searchable archive - we are launching it public very soon - is the best research tool I’ve used.

@evgenymorozov | Evgeny Morozov | 7.09.2020

If you compare the world’s top 100 universities with the world’s largest 10 economies, 3 countries have no universities in the top 100: India, Italy, and Brazil. How important is that relative weakness for the long-term future of those nations?

@RichardHorton1 | Richard Horton | 6.09.2020

Someone sent me a policy from their child’s school, with this table from our paper (published last week). Our guidance isn’t perfect, but it’s pragmatic and can be tailored to circumstances. If your kids’ school needs a place to start, do share this.

@trishgreenhalgh | Trisha Greenhalgh | 4.09.2020

It is even more regrettable because it was so predictable. Disadvantaged pupils lost more learning in lockdown, study finds

@MichaelMarmot | Sir Michael Marmot | 1.09.2020