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Health experts and practitioners wish that more older adults could more easily access psychotherapy and other kinds of mental health care, especially now. Mental health problems have risen markedly during the pandemic, the CDC has reported.

@NYhealth | New York Times | 1.11.2020

“Prendere provvedimenti validi per realtà diverse, condizioni di vita differenti, bisogni sanitari diversi implica disporre di informazioni adeguate e comunicarle in modo comprensibile e non contradditorio alla popolazione.” M. Bonati

@MUMChild_IRFMN | Lab. Materno Infantile Mario Negri | 31.10.2020

We know from 1st #lockdown whose #mentalhealth we now need to focus on: young people, those who are anxious, lonely, traumatised or bereaved, at risk from alcohol or dom violence, living with mental ill-health or on wrong end of inequality due to poverty, ethnicity or stigma.

@ProfLAppleby | Louis Appleby | 31.10.2020

The ACC recommends athletes with myocarditis restrict their exercise for 3-6 months under the guidance of a physician, allowing inflammation to reduce before returning to the field.

@ACCmediacenter | American College of Cardiology / 29.10.2020

Delete offensive language? Change recommendations? Some editors say it’s OK to alter peer reviews.

@pash22 | Ash Paul | 28.10.2020

Secondo Nicola Magrini, direttore @Aifa_ufficiale, la discussione sull’innovazione non può diventare un’occasione di scontro tra clinici e agenzie regolatorie se c’è intesa sul carattere trasformativo dell’innovazione a vantaggio dei cittadini.

@ilPensiero | Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore | 26.10.2020

Imagine if Trump cared about coronavirus as much as he cares about Joe Biden’s son.

@EzraKlein | Ezra Klein | 23.10.2020

This is why just trying things, even in a pandemic, is bad medicine.

@VinayPrasadMDMPH | Vinay Prasad | 21.10.2020

Rates of mask use in Vietnam and China is very high and rates of COVID 19 are very low. Of course they have have other effective measures aswell.

@WikiDocJames | James Heilmann | 20.10.2020

Sul nuovo numero di @RecentiProgMed c’è anche lo studio MonCovid, il pilota di un monitoraggio domiciliare dei pazienti Covid19 che abbiamo sperimentato ad aprile-maggio in Piemonte. Nella speranza di non doverlo riattivare a giorni...

@rbanzi | Rita Banzi | 19.10.2020

#Covid19 meets #Halloween

@paimadhu | Madhu Pai | 17.10.2020

Leading Scientists Urge Voters to Dump Trump: Scientific journals and Nobel Prize winners - who are usually cautious about stepping into politics - cite unprecedented damage and incompetence in calls for a U.S. leadership change.

@michicokakutani | Michico Kakutani | 17.10.2020

“Contact tracing was enhanced by: trust, local knowledge, interviewer skills and expertise, cooperation from employers, and contact in a timely manner.” This #BMJOpinion gives insights on how to improve contact tracing from a community pilot project.

@BMJ_Latest | The BMJ | 17.10.2020

“The number of Covid patients needing rehabilitation could become another public health crisis.”

@carlzimmer | Carl Zimmer | 8.10.2020

The best result of the covid-19 pandemic would be the RECOVERY of the idea that large simple RCTs are vital to solve large simple clinical questions. Magnificent organisation and teamwork.

@RichardLehman1 | Richard Lehman | 6.10.2020