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Corruption in healthcare - we need care based on solidarity, not on charity because greed. We need careful and kind care for all. This is #WhyWeRevolt

@vmontori | Victor Montori | 28.11.2020

853 è un numero primo è un numero congruente è il numero dei morti oggi, 24 novembre 2020, in italia per covid. andrebbe aggiunto alle voci di wikipedia dei numeri naturali. un rito laico, una forma di memoria, un modo per salutare chi non possiamo. un modo per ricordare

@chiara_valerio | Chiara Valerio | 24.11.2020

Good news- Pfizer and BioNTech now say their vaccine is 94% effective in over 65s. But it’s really hard to know what to make of this subgroup analysis—we haven’t seen the full dataset and we don’t know the range of uncertainty.

@deb_cohen | Deborah Cohen | 18.11.2020

Se la politica ignora la scienza fa una stupidaggine. Ma non bisogna aspettarsi che la scienza dica cosa la società deve fare. Le decisioni vanno prese a livello politico, discutendo fra i vari equilibri. Non chiediamo alla scienza risposte su decisioni politiche.

@welikeduel | Carlo Rovelli a Propaganda Live | 13.11.2020

That one, @realDonaldTrump , required quite a bit of editing to get to the truth.

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 10.11.2020

On the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: publishing interim results through a press release is neither good scientific practice nor does it help to build public trust in vaccines. An announcement should come with full publication of a peer-reviewed research paper in a scientific journal.

@RichardHorton1 | Richard Horton | 10.11.2020

A message to all women and girls - we can achieve our dreams and make our world a better place for all.

@FeliciaKnaul | Felicia Knaul | 07.11.2020

It is hard not to be emotional in this moment. We have had a president who fomented division and chaos, attacked doctors and science in the midst of the worst public health crisis in a century, and damaged our democracy. But we have turned him out and given decency a chance.

@Atul_Gawande | Atul Gawande | 07.11.2020

For decades, Anthony Fauci has maintained a simple credo: “You stay completely apolitical and non-ideological, and you stick to what it is that you do. I’m a scientist and I’m a physician. And that’s it.

@NewYorker | The New Yorker | 07.11.2020

The need for a #COVID19 vaccine is very real. But it will not fix the vexing vulnerabilities afflicting us all. There’s no vaccine for poverty, hunger, inequality, climate change or misguided nationalism. Global commitment to end these scourges is urgently needed.

@DrTedros | Tedros Ghebreyesus | 03.11.2020

Paper today from my colleagues @YaleCardiology … ‘a large proportion of ICD or CRT-D implantations were performed by physicians who received payments from device manufacturers.

@hmkyale | Harlan Krumholz | 03.11.2020

I wrote a ‘guide to end of life care during COVID’ in March for our intranet, which I’ve been reviewing today. This is the final paragraph. I think I’m going to leave it unchanged.

@elinlowri | Elin Roddy | 2.11.2020

A @undarkmag op-ed argues the #COVID19 wave of pre-prints is good news. With all due respect No, thanks. Journals model is dysfunctional, peer-review though is still the best we have. We don’t need more studies, we need better studies #researchwaste #EBM

@RecheckHealth | Re-Check | 31.10.2020