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Sir Richard Peto said today: “Real-world evidence” is not real evidence Important to understand the magic of randomization versus the myth of real-world evidence #EBM

@KariTikkinen | Kari Tikkinen | 23.06.2021

I believe income inequality is the single best predictor of total Covid deaths in the US. Not income, but income *inequality*. The R^2 is surprisingly high: 0.35. Thanks to @joe_sill I was able to look at over 40 different variables, and expands on my analysis from last month.

@youyanguu | Youyang Gu | 22.06.2021

Very clever study in @JAMAInternalMed finds a COVID diagnosis is more likely in households with a recent birthday, especially as regional prevalence increases

@DavidJuurlink | David Juurlink | 21.06.2021

#Azzurri Bastava un motivo tra mille per mettersi un secondo in ginocchio. Ripensare al biglietto che #PatrickZaki ha mandato dal carcere: “Forza Italia per gli Europei”. C’era anche la faccina col sorriso disegnata a biro da lui. Magari ricapita e ci fate un pensierino.

@CarloVerdelli | Carlo Verdelli | 21.06.2021

Me: Stop torturing dogs. Twitter: What about cows? Me: Yes. Stop torturing cows too, but this tweet was about dogs. T: Why do you only care about dogs and cows? Me: What? No, I hate hurting, torturing or eating ALL animals... T: Why don’t you care about dying children?

@RickyGervais | Ricky Gervais | 20.06.2021

Personal anecdotes are not randomised.

@DrMCecconi | Maurizio Cecconi | 17.06.2021

Smart. Also demonstrates how publishers benefit from the reach of social.

@JeffJarvis | Jeff Jarvis | 16.06.2021

Here’s our Op-Ed in today’s @nytimes on aducanumab calling for a new organization to review drugs after FDA approval that can make evidence-based assessments of their clinical impact for the benefit of patients and to guide care.

@AKesselheim | Aaron Kesselheim | 16.06.2021

Post-hoc subset analysis Maybe this study can still be rescued.

@DrSteveMartin | Balazs Halmos | 15.06.2021

A causa della variante indiana il Regno Unito sposta le definitive riaperture al 19 luglio. In Italia non stiamo facendo nemmeno il sequenziamento di massa che sarebbe necessario in questo momento. Parola d’ordine “ignorare il rischio”.

@MMmarco0 | Marco M. M. | 14.06.2021

Note to journalists: if a modelling scenario includes an uncertainty range, that range *is an integral part of the result* - editing it out and just showing the central estimate isn’t the same thing. 1/

E.g. 95% prediction interval means model has 95% confidence outcome of that scenario will fall in that range. 50% interval gives 50% confidence. By definition, there will be little chance reality matches single central line (especially given real-time epidemic uncertainties). 2/2

@AdamJKucharski | Adam Kucharski | 14.06.2021

It was last year in the midst of our raging #COVID pandemic. I received a text message from my patient’s daughter. My patient was nearing the end. I had transitioned her care to a colleague who determined that she had no more options. /1

I called her - my patient’s daughter -; it was a very emotional call. She asked me if I could meet my patient one more time. /2

Guidelines at the time were to cancel any non-essential meetings. Stay away from each other. Visits, surgeries, chemos were being cancelled or postponed. But truly, who decides what’s essential and what’s not? Who decides what matters to patients and what doesn’t? /3

We decided to meet. Normally, I would share such planned encounter with family & few friends, but the fear of being “labeled” as “reckless” made me keep this to myself until now. I decided to share & publish the encounter in #JCO. Read what happened in my essay “Last Hug”. /end

@chadinabhan | Chadi Nabhan | 13.06.2021

This is a stress test for careful and kind care: Will clinicians prescribe and infuse in their offices #aducanumab knowing what is known (efficacy, safety, costs) about this drug? Everything I read (“megablockbuster”) assumes we will fail it. This is #WhyWeRevolt

@vmontori | Victor Montori | 13.06.2021

La science progresse, la conscience régresse.

@edgarmorinparis | Edgar Morin | 12.06.2021

Servono altre prove che in tv gli scienziati NON devono dare la loro opinione ma limitarsi a ciò che è stato scientificamente dimostrato? Che ti chiami Viola o Crisanti o Zangrillo: la tua opinione dovrebbe contare ZERO. Io non dormirei la notte a dare consigli su seconde dosi.

@DarioBressanini | Dario Bressanini | 12.06.2021

If you can see regulatory capture in Alzheimer’s disease, you should be able to see the same in oncology. Maybe by being too involved in oncology, we fail to see what others easily see in our discipline?

@oncology_bg | Bishal Gyawali | 10.06.2021

What would you do for patients with dementia if you have $56,000/year, not including costs of PET scans or surveillance MRI? I’ll go first pay caregiver a wage they deserve so that every patient has adequate coverage with minimal turnover

@AroonsiriMD | Aroonsiri (June) Sangarlangkarn | 9.06.2021

7 months since election and still no nominee for FDA commissioner.

@JohnArnoldFndtn | John Arnold | 8.06.2021

The FDA needs to put out guidance for industry for how big a non-inferiority margin they will accept for drugs randomized against aducanumab

@VPrasadMDMPH | Vinay Prasad | 8.06.2021

Tra l’altro lo schwa risolve la questione arancinə.

@ferrazza | Federico Ferrazza | 8.06.2021

On Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug, aducanumab (Aduhelm) and its $56,000 a year price tag: I am upset at the FDA for approving a drug without good data, with Biogen for setting a mind boggling price unrelated to value, and lawmakers for having laws that allow this to happen.

@VincentRK | Vincent Rajkumar | 8.06.2021

Scrivere “variante indiana” era razzista quindi adesso tutti scrivono “variante delta (ex indiana)”.

@giorgiogilestro | Giorgio Gilestro | 8.06.2021

Murray Enkin, co-author of A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth, (considered one of the most important obstetric works in the last century) passed away in Victoria yesterday. We will miss you my old friend.

@AKECassels | Alan Cassels | 7.06.2021

I’d really love to hear any thoughts on how a confirmatory study of $BIIB’s Aduhelm could be done, aside from just saying it will be done outside the US. Can we really have a system where the US approves drugs, then relies on the rest of the world to see if they have a benefit?

@matthewherper | Matthew Herper | 7.06.2021

Free beer, donuts, and lotteries are all nice strategies to encourage people to get their #COVID19 #vaccine. But mandates from large institutions are essential: schools, universities, & health systems must require vaccination for returning in-person.

@ZekeEmanuel | Ezekiel Emanuel | 3.06.2021