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NEW: lots of news recently on waning immunity against infection, but a study has now landed from Public Health England on how vaccines are faring against *severe disease & death* This chart summarises key findings, but the paper is a real goldmine, so let’s dig into more detail:

@AdamJKucharski | Adam Kucharski | 15.09.2021

Sit with this for a second. 1 in 500 Americans has died from Covid. 1 in 240 among Native Americans. 1 in 390 among Hispanics. 1 in 480 among Blacks. For people 85 & older, 1 in 35. So Not The Flu!

@HelenBranswell | Helen Branswell | 15.09.2021

“If you have the ball you must make the field as big as possible, and if you don’t have the ball you must make it as small as possible.” —Johan Cruyff (1947-2016)

@johnmaeda | John Maeda | 5.09.2021

Please stop promoting the use of ivermectin. It does not work, it has dangerous side effects, Its promotion is giving people the false hope of an effective COVID cure in the case of illness and is discouraging vaccination.

@DrMCecconi | Maurizio Cecconi | 3.09.2021

Is the Discussion section still relevant in scientific Original Articles? they are usually biased and look like a SWOT... It seems to me most of the good discussions are coming from literature reviews, conferences and social media.

@FAndreMD | Fabrice Andre | 29.08.2021

Interesting how football fans NEVER seem to switch teams (recently asked my Arsenal obsessed son weather he would ever consider becoming a Liverpool fan!) yet players have no loyalty. I kinda get it but if you think about it no reason a fan switch should be so utterly unthinkable

@MazzucatoM | Mariana Mazzucato | 29.08.2021

Vaccines cause side effects that in rare instances can be severe or fatal. The same is true for any drug. I’m actually not sure the Covid-19 vaccines would have passed phase III trials if they had side effects as severe as HCQ, ivermectin or essentially any antibiotic in use.

@BallouxFrancois | Francois Balloux | 27.08.2021

Our covid times :-) by @MatttDavies

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 24.08.2021

I can’t understand how some journals can make pledges to improve diversity & inclusion, and then set 10,000$ as article processing charge

@paimadhu | Madhu Pai | 24.08.2021

15% of the authors of editorials accompanying studies in prestigious medical journals about heart drugs and devices had financial ties to the companies that sponsored the clinical trials, but they did not disclose the relationships

@pash22 | Ash Paul | 20.08.2021

That’s why reducing infections is so important. Some dangerous variants may only be possible if the virus hits on a very rare, winning combination of mutations, Eugene Koonin told me. “But with all these millions of infected people, it may very well find that combination.”

@kakape | Kai Kupferschmidt | 20.08.2021

An analogy to describe the ethical dilemma around #COVID19 booster shots from @WHO director @DrMikeRyan : “We’re planning to hand out extra life jackets to people who already have life jackets and leaving other people to drown without a life jacket. That’s the ethical reality.”

@GHS | Global Health Strategies | 18.08.2021

I just heard that, in Alabama, the ICUs are full and they’ve implemented “crisis standards of care,” namely triage, due to COVID-19. So sad and avoidable.

@NAChristakis | Nicholas Christakis | 14.08.2021

Ma i parlamentari che ricordano Gino Strada con dolore e cordoglio sono gli stessi che hanno rifinanziato le missioni in Libia?

@vola_va | Valeria Viola | 14.08.2021

“I diritti degli uomini devono essere di tutti gli uomini, sennò chiamateli privilegi.” Da tutta la FNOMCeO le più profonde condoglianze alla famiglia di Gino Strada e a tutta @emergency_ong da lui fondata per offrire cure mediche alle vittime della guerra.

@FNOMCeO | FNOMCeO | 13.08.2021

Publishing is such a rigged game. We published this book in 2019. Hundreds of hours of work. Has sold >5,000 copies; readers have found it useful. Haven’t received a penny of royalties, since I was “set up incorrectly in the system” & @wileyglobal claim they can’t do anything.

@DavidSteensma | David Steensma | 12.08.2021

@xkcd | Randall Munroe | 9.08.2021

The fundamental mistake was to approve COVID vaccines intended for all eligible people under EUA. It should have been accelerated approval. The level of efficacy, safety signal, certainty of the effect, trial design, were all so much better than drugs given accelerated approval.

@VincentRK | Vincent Rajkumar | 6.08.2021

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we don’t have reliable correlates of protection and vaccine manufacturer’s assertions that boosters are needed every 6 months based on observed antibody titers are wishful thinking and enticing tales told to investors.

@angie_rasmussen | Angela Rasmussen | 6.08.2021

The World Health Organization has called for a moratorium on covid-19 booster shots until the end of September to help vaccines reach poorer nations facing shortages. “Hundreds of millions of people are still waiting for their first dose,” says @DrTedros

@BMJ_Latest | The BMJ | 5.08.2021

It’s appalling that rich countries, having bought and hoarded their way to the front of the COVID vaccine queue, are now talking about autumn boosters rather than going all out to get doses to the places that really need them.

@AdamJKucharski | Adam Kucharski | 5.08.021

L’uomo più veloce del mondo è italiano. E contrariamente a quanto diceva la mia ex, non sono io.

@MarcoNoel19 | Marco Noel | 1.08.2021