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Boris Johnson’s core argument is that Britain is better off going it alone in the world. Yet the evidence from every complex challenge we face is that going it alone will lead to failure. Survival and mutual flourishing depends on cooperation, not jingoism.

@RichardHorton1 | Richard Horton | 31.12.2022

Achieving Herd Immunity via infection is a great idea unless you are the herd.

DrMCecconi | Maurizio Cecconi | 30.01.2022

Prima di intavolare qualsiasi discussione, possiamo per piacere almeno tutti convenire sul fatto che degli accademici non dovrebbero mai spalleggiare, interagire, retwittare, tantomeno scrivere dietro account anonimi il cui unico scopo è quello di mistificare e diffamare? Grazie.

@giorgiogilestro | Giorgio Gilestro | 30.01.2022

Our covid times :-)

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 29.01.2022

Recently published #JAMA #Users’ #Guides for #Guidelines best around for navigating the way to identifying and using a trustworthy guideline.

@GuyattGH | Gordon Guyatt | 26.01.2022

“It is more productive to consider how bad things could get if we keep giving the virus opportunities to outwit us. Then we might do more to ensure that this does not happen.”

@alexvespi | Alessandro Vespignani | 26.01.2022

queste sere qua, un po’ Edward Hopper un po’ Wes Anderson

@ledep | Leonardo Piccione | 26.01.2022

Se penso che quando spieghi ad un politico la differenza tra sensibilità e valore predittivo, cosa abbastanza utile nel prendere decisioni, spesso lo sguardo è’mucca guarda treno’.

@costia56 | Massimo Costantini | 25.01.2022

L’injection de l’incertitude dans la connaissance ne dissout pas la connaissance, elle la complexifie.

@edgarmorinparis | Edgar Morin | 24.01.2022

Anyone who says ‘we shouldn’t use any models, we should just look at COVID data to understand what will happen’ is implicitly using a model. They’re just not writing down their assumptions.

@AdamJKucharski | Adam Kucharski | 24.01.2022

Most of us haven’t seen one of these for yonks. But as @HoganAlex explains, fax machines are deeply entrenched in the U.S. medical system.

Now, where did I park my horse and buggy...?

@HelenBranswell | Helen Branswell | 20.01.2022

The conspiracy theory that there is a conspiracy to label something as a conspiracy theory is a perfect example of a conspiracy theory amplified by self-proclaimed non-conspiracy theory conspiracy theorists.

K_G_Andersen | Kristian G. Andersen | 20.01.2022

@JohnMullahy | John Mullahy | 17.01.2022

Ora che la vicenda #Djokovic si è conclusa vorrei che non ci dimenticassimo di quell’albergo. Soprattutto di chi è rimasto lì. C’è chi ci dorme da anni. E chissà per quanto ancora dovrà dormirci. Almeno Djokovic ha una casa sicura dove poter tornare. E i soldi per vivere bene.

@cucchiriccardo | Riccardo Cucchi | 16.01.2022

The argument for immediate access to new health research findings is a straightforward matter of justice, not expediency.

@darioT_ | Dario Trapani | 15.01.2022

Detective work for how Omicron travelled in a quarantine hotel between 2 vaccinated indivduals in 2 different rooms

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 15.01.2022

Testing capacity will almost certainly fail to keep up with #Omicron: even with best efforts we can scale supply linearly, but demand will grow exponentially. This will happen everywhere at (almost) the same time, so global supply chains of reagents, plastics, etc will struggle.

@jcbarrett | Jeffrey Barrett | 15.01.2022

Tra i sintomi del covid ci sono la perdita del gusto, dell’olfatto e del visto. #djokovicout

@lozirion | Emanuele Bertola | 14.01.2022

Since news came out of our letter supporting Dr. Fauci, the response has been overwhelming from the scientific/medical community who know Tony best. Happy to report that 41 #Nobel Laureates have signed on

@ZekeEmmanuel | Ezekiel Emmanuel | 14.01.2022

“I was afraid of the vaccine.” This perfectly illustrates a main reason for vaccine refusal: they have unanswered concerns. This man is lucky to be alive. If only his fears had been addressed before he ended up in the ICU. Compassion, not shame, is needed to increase uptake.

@angie_rasmussen | Angela Rasmussen | 14.01.2022

As an intensivist, I can tell that all of you, who have supported us in ICU for two years, adhering to public health measures and getting your vaccinations, you are our grand slam winners.

@DrMCecconi | Maurizio Cecconi |4.01.2022

Prepublication peer review should be abolished.

@Richard56 | Richard Smith | 3.01.2022