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If referees are consistently negative about your paper and it’s rejected by several journals, this may be a symptom of a biased & broken peer review system. There is of course another possibility...

@cshperspectives | Richard Sever | 15.11.2022

I always say that part of what I love about medicine is that it keeps you humble. Trying to convince myself that getting locked into two different staircases while rounding (once ending up outside in a wet snow) is part of the same process.

@adamcifu | Adam Cifu | 15.11.2022

Ed io non cado nella trappola di schierarmi a favore o contro la pace nel mondo

@ProfLopalco | Pierluigi Lopalco | 15.11.2022

Bom dia. Hoje viajo ao Egito para participar da COP 27. O combate às mudanças climáticas deve ser um compromisso do Estado brasileiro. Trabalharemos pelo futuro do nosso país e do planeta, que é um só e de todos.

@LulaOficial | Lula | 14.11.2022

The McNamara Fallacy (as coined by Yankelovich): Step 1: Measure what can be easily measured Step 2: Disregard that which cannot be measured easily Step 3: Presume that which cannot be measured easily isn’t important Step 4: Say that which can’t be easily measured doesn’t exist

@emollick | Ethan Mollick | 13.11.2022

In public talks, I am often asked what the impact of #AI might be on the human condition (work&life). I then recall the Collingridge’s dilemma and the Amara’s Law: “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

@cabitzaf | Federico Cabitza | 13.11.2022

Twitter feels increasingly alive

@elonmusk | Elon Musk | 13.11.2022

Volevo farvela vedere, settimane di lavoro da mucchietto di tavole ad una viola Volevo farvi vedere anche tutto ciò che è caduto facendo un passo indietro, importante come ciò che è rimasto. Ricerca sempre bellezza ed armonia, mai sterile perfezione.

@EmidioLiutaio | Emidio Pignotti Liutaio | 12.11.2022

ho fatto il prelievo del sangue e per qualche perversione che non so mi affascina tantissimo guardare il sangue che velocissimo raggiunge la provetta. ora vado a comprare le brioches per colazione perché ho anche godimenti normali.

@aminuscolo | Anna | 12.11.2022

“As an editor, these are the notes I find myself scribbling in the margins of so many manuscripts: Clarify. Don’t get this. What does this mean?...”

@AdviceToWriters | Jon Winokur | 12.11.2022

Don’t publish for the sake of publishing. Only publish to move science forward. Quality over quantity. Even if everyone pushes you into the opposite direction.

@Andrew_Akbashev | Andrew Akbashev | 11.11.2022

Sull’incidente diplomatico con la Francia non c’è molto da dire. Elect a clown, expect a circus.

@la_Greta_ | g | 10.11.2022

In an age of information overabundance, critical ignoring is as important as critical thinking.

@samwineburg | Sam Wineburg | 9.11.2022

who is building an open source and decentralized science publishing, review, and view platform? a play to make scientific development in journals more innovative, open, and less bureaucratic

@MrGoldBro | Aidan Gold | 9.11.2022

The world’s elite have arrived at #COP27 on hundreds of private jets to lecture you about climate change. Sponsored by Coca-Cola.

@DiEM_25 | Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 | 7.11.2022

COP27 is sponsored by Coca-Cola - the world’s top plastic polluter, who produce 120 billion throwaway plastic bottles a year.

@JamesMelville | James Melville | 6.11.2022

@EricTopol | Eric Topol | 5.11.2022

Le “radici cristiane”, evidentemente, non attecchiscono in mare.

@CucchiRiccardo | Riccardo Cucchi | 5.11.2022

Pfizer says its bivalent Covid booster induced more antibodies against Omicron BA.4/5 viruses than its monovalent. Some research groups don’t see that benefit; others do. This I know: Press releases don’t give enough data to answer a question like this.

@HelenBranswell | Helen Branswell | 4.11.2022

Continueremo a fornire il bollettino con i dati #covid19 giornalieri, perché la trasparenza ha connotato tutta la nostra strategia regionale di contrasto all’emergenza sanitaria. Per questo, continuiamo a perseguire questa linea in nome della massima trasparenza.

@AlessioDAmato_ | Alessio D’Amato | 3.11.2022

Best bedside #POCUS & Eco summary I have seen! Thanks to @DocScribbles for this amazing medical art!

@Paul_Wischmeyer | Paul Wischmeyer | 1.11.2022

Academics: it’s ridiculous to think that anyone would pay for the prestige of being Twitter verified. Also academics: I need someone to cover this $11k fee because I want to publish my work in a more prestigious journal

@AdamJKucharski | Adam Kucharski | 31.10.2022

The reasons I think it’s essential for #ScienceTwitter and #MedTwitter to stay with @Twitter right now —Spread the truth/facts/good info —Counter & stand up to mis/dis-information —No suitable alternative for reach —There’s still block and mute —Don’t give up hope for improvement

@erictopol | Eric Topol | 30.10.2022