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Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.

@elonmusk | Elon Musk | 19.12.2022

What must happen to leave “his” platform? It was never ours but was a good place to chat re careful and kind care, call out corruption in healthcare, and advocate for common care. Now this tweet is “his” content. On “his” platform, does this message become fake or subversive?

@vmontori | Victor Montori | 18.12.2022

Is this the best World Cup final that I am watching?

@ardemp | Ardem Patapoutian | 18.12.2022

S’il n’y avait pas la coupe du monde de football où serait le patriotisme?

@edgarmorinparis | Edgar Morin | 18.12.2022

Nurses’ pay has fallen by 5% since 2010. The pay offer will lead to a predicted further fall of 5%. The PM describes this as “appropriate and fair”!!

@MichaelMarmot | Sir Michael Marmot | 18.12.2022

A me piace vedere le vostre foto. Volti. I vostri, quelli dei vostri cari, delle vostre mamme, dei vostri papà, dei vostri figli. Tante storie che nessun libro racconterà. Ha ragione Annie Ernaux quando scrive che ogni giorno, in ogni luogo, nascono romanzi che nessuno scriverà.

@CucchiRiccardo | Riccardo Cucchi | 17.12.2022

Adults are at times farther from comprehending the world than children. Children have yet to educated, but remain open to learning, while adults have often been mis-educated, and so jealously guard the granite of their preconception from being cracked by a contrary truth.

@Snowden | Edward Snowden | 17.12.2022

Democracy is too important to leave the shaping of the brains of Americans to authoritarians.

@GeorgeLakoff | George Lakoff | 17.12.2022

Is it possible to use a bar of soap completely? Until it, like, disappears? Discuss and get back to me.

@StephenKing | Stephen King | 17.12.2022

In a changing world, expertise quickly becomes obsolete without humility and curiosity. Expertise is what you know. Humility is knowing what you don’t know. Curiosity is how much you want to learn. Expertise yields insight today. Humility and curiosity fuel growth tomorrow.

@AdamMGrant | Adamm Grant | 17.12.2022

date un nome a questa foto

@JamesLucasIT | James Lucas | 16.12.2022

La malattia non è una guerra.

I pazienti non sono vincitori o sconfitti. Eroi o perdenti. Sono esseri umani che cercano di sopravvivere e talvolta non ce la fanno.

Ma chi non ce la fa non è un perdente, è solo - purtroppo - un paziente meno fortunato.

@mannocchia | Francesca Mannocchi | 16.12.2022

A statement often used by authors or institutions, that manipulated images “do not affect the interpretation or conclusions of the paper” should not have much weight during an investigation.

Image manipulation undermines the trust a reader has in the rest of the data.

@MicrobiomDigest | Elizabeth Bik | 15.12.2022

Tutte le volte che pulisco in casa, poi dopo, è incredibile, la casa è pulita.

@paolonori | Paolo Nori | 15.12.2022

How come no one is ever worried about Small Pharma?

@BenMazer | Benjamin Mazer | 15.12.2022

Ondata di bianciardismo tra le giovani generazioni: l’anniversario non è la sola ragione, c’è il suo antagonismo anarchico, che è molto attrattivo in ogni momento di crisi di ogni ideologia progressista, come questo. A me piaceva, ma il suo culto non è un buon segno, credo.

@pecoraro_fr | Francesco Pecoraro | 15.12.2022

Misinformation remains a HUGE problem. Here is some of the worst misinfo this week

1. An unvalidated diagnostic tool pushed to mil

2. ‘evidence’ for masking that links to a neg. cluster RCT

3. A childish, flawed study of death certificates to make inaccurate claim

Why @nytimes?

@VPrasadMDMPH | Vinay Prasad | 14.12.2022

Long Covid is real. But public health officials have massively exaggerated its prevalence as they give >$1B to a long Covid medical-testing complex. Some cases are legit, but diagnosing fatigue @ 5wks as long Covid is the medicalization of ordinary life.

@MartyMakary | Marty Makary | 13.12.2022

“Something is going badly wrong with our civilization. No civilization should see levels of angst — stress, depression, anxiety, worry, fear — explode suddenly off the charts. But ours is.”

@umairh | Humair Haque | 7.12.2022

Research has found that with smaller cars, 1 out of 20 collisions involving a pedestrian caused the pedestrian’s death.

With SUVs, it was 1 in 7.

With large vans, it was 1 in 4.

Americans are buying more of these big cars every year.

@Voxdotcom | Vox | 5.12.2022


@maurobiani | Mauro Biani | 02.12.2022

“I think all physicians need to learn a little bit more about #transgender care,” #StanDOM’s Benjamin Laniakea tells @ScopeMedBlog. “#LGBTQ+ patients are seen in every facet of the medical field.”

@StanfordDeptMed | Stanford Department of Medicine | 30.11.2022