per conoscere, per riflettere, per costruire reti

My own experience is that once a #story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying. Anton Chekhov

@AdviceToWriters | Jon Winokur | 15.05.2023

Darwin had 2 best insights in history of psychiatry: 1) Our behaviors are inherited from animal ancestors 2) Our motivations are mostly uncon-scious. Evolutionary psychiatry still best way to understand normal & ab-normal behavior.

@AllenFrancesMD | Allen Frances | 15.05.2023

I poveri dovremo pur metterli da qualche parte: spediamoli nell’eser-cito.

@Giulia_B | Giulia Blasi | 14.05.2023

Writing habit hack: Schedule your writing time and treat it like an im-portant appointment. Set aside a specific time each day or week and stick to it. Make writing a consistent habit.1/

@TessaRDavis |Tessa Davis | 14.05.2023

@maurobiani | Mauro Biani | 13.05.2023

PLOS staff are proud to finally be able to announce that we’ve union-ized! Our group goes to work every day in editorial, production, opera-tions, engineering, research, and strategic partnerships. Now, we’re going to work for equity, integrity, and dignity.

@PLOSUnion | PLOS Union | 12.05.2023

To distinguish the signal from the current noise and hype about AI: [...] the question of whether Machines Can Think [...] is about as relevant as the question of whether Subma-rines Can Swim.” Edsger Dijkstra, The Threats to Computing Science, 1984

@Floridi | Luciano Floridi | 11.05.2023

Brilliant point that goes to the heart of how medicine should be done in the future. Just offering BRAN as the patient’s right for every decision would be a good start: Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Nothing (i.e. leaving alone)

@RichardLehman1 |Richard Lehman| 11.05.2023

Tra tutti gli oggetti che potete scegliere di essere, non siate mai persone-ombrello in tempi di siccità: importanti una settimana l’anno, rimpianti dopo essere stati dimenticati, insultati quando non ci siete, lasciati senza essere reclamati, scambiati senza essere riconosciuti.

@chiaraalessi | Chiara Alessi | 10.05.2023

Could if be that physician burnout could have something to do with being the front line of a dysfunctional system and thus hearing about and witnessing the effect of the dysfunction?

@adamcifu | Adam Cifu | 9.05.2023

La riforma Aifa si allunga: sesta proroga per le commissioni scadute da anni. Per gli contraccettivi gratuiti non c’è una questione economica: costa 140 milioni e nel 2022 ne abbiamo risparmiati 727 rispetto al tetto di spesa fissato

@andcapocci | Andrea Capocci | 9.05.2023

No government funded medical research should be behind a paywall. The results should not be the property of a for-profit journal, they are the property of humanity.

@MartyMakary | Marty Makary | 7.05.2023

Ora io lo so che è sabato sera e il calcio e meghan, ma una cosa importante che ha detto #MichelaMurgia è che non le hanno concesso il mutuo per via del cancro. C’è un problema grande: anche chi guarisce può subire un rifiuto, per questo si parla di #dirittoallobliooncologico

@hofattotardi | infermieradistrada | 6.05.2023

Quando le è stato chiesto perché è diventata antifascista, ha risposto: “Per decenza”. Marlene Dietrich, morta il 6 maggio 1992

@colvieux | Barbara Collevecchio | 6.05.2023

Unfortunately my experience with Frontiers is also pretty bad. I tried to resign as an editor for a Frontiers journal for months but they ignored all my emails (even those I had written in ALL CAPS), they just kept inviting me to handle papers. Insane.

@MaartenvSveden | Marteen van Sveden | 5.05.2023

I resigned as an Associate Editor for a Frontiers journal because of the way their automated system took away much of my editorial autonomy. some details that might also explain odd reviewer/author experiences:

– automatic, system-generated invites to reviewers (in my name!), based on my personal network. Mails went out to ppl I knew would not review for Frontiers journals, others didn’t fit subject expertise for the manuscript. This has potentially been damaging my reputation!

As editor you can cancel automatic invites, but you have to catch those in time, which I found virtually impossible. On enquiry, they argue that automatic invites should ‘help’ handling editors.

– high number of automatic reminder e-mails. When I struggled to secure second reviewer, a Frontiers employee asked first reviewer (who received several automatic deadline reminders despite asking for extension) if they can suggest additional reviewers. All in my name!

– no possibility to discard unprofessional (reject) reviews. Context: I struggled to find reviewers for a paper I judged good quality (solid experimental design, well presented,..) for months, the system invited reviewer from a different field who wrote a poor-quality review…

…recommending ‘rejection’. As the editor, I would normally invite a revision and highlight to the authors what needs to be done. Their system forced me to look for a new reviewer after the ‘reject’. The paper was already delayed for months and basically everyone…

…in the field had already been invited (and) declined to review. I used to like Frontiers for some high-quality published work and I have had positive experiences publishing with them myself. My editorial experiences though.. I do hope they take my feedback on board.

@WascherClaudia | Claudia Wascher | 5.05.2023

State actors should be deliberately shaping – even co-creating – markets in which the #CommonGood is the primary objective (e.g. protecting #PublicHealth) rather than intervening ex-post to correct market failures. @ProSyn

@MazzucatoM | Mariana Mazzucato | 4.05.2023

«Nel silenzio del mio studio talvolta sento un fruscio lieve, un brusio, quasi un raspare che ora mi sorprende, ora mi fa compagnia. So che viene dai miei cassetti, dove conservo i tanti ritratti che ho disegnato negli anni»

@adelphiedizioni | Adelphi | 3.05.2023

BIG DAY: “The Covenant of Water” by Abraham Verghese, the author of the fabulous “Cutting for Stone”, published today.

@jpkassirer | Jerome Kassirer | 3.05.2023

Le consumérisme est l’addiction aux produits inutiles, à valeur illusoire ou imaginaire, parfois toxiques.

@edgarmorinparis | Edgar Morin | 30.04.2023

La dottoressa che ha certificato le stimmate della veggente di Trevignano è nel comitato scientifico di IppocrateOrg ed è stata invitata in Senato a promuovere l’uso dell’ivermectina contro il Covid.

@andcapocci | Andrea Capocci | 11.04.2023