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I’d rather help doctors and nurses than soldiers.

@DrZackaryBerger | Zackary Berger | 19.02.2024

“Nel 2021 le guerre nel mondo erano 46, ora siamo già a 56. A noi arriva l’eco solo dei più vicini o più gravi: cioè quando ci sono almeno 10.000 decessi” così @PirousFateh ora in onda al microfono di @robertafulci “ La prima vittima della guerra è la verità: avere dati affidabili diventa sempre più difficile, ma aumentano disuguaglianze, i danni e le vittime sono sempre sottostimate, aumentano i problemi di salute mentale, e così via”

@Radio3Scienza | Radio 3 Scienza | 22.02.2024

“You have to worry how much fraud you’d find if everybody provided all the raw data. I suspect you’d find a gargantuan amount of fraud. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.” @VPrasadMDMPH weighs in as a top cancer surgeon’s research is under scrutiny.

@TheFP | The Free Press | 22.02.2024

In just over four months in #Gaza, there have been more #children, more journalists, more medical personnel, and more @UN staff killed than anywhere in the world during a conflict. It is with profound regret that I must now inform you that @UNRWA has reached a breaking point, with Israel’s repeated calls to dismantle it and the freezing of funding by donors at a time of unprecedented humanitarian needs in Gaza.

@UNLazzarini | Philippe Lazzarini | 22.02.2024

Avete mai sentito in un pronto soccorso: “presto, un omeopata!”? Beh, meno male. Buon sabato a tutti!

@MedBunker | Salvo Di Grazia | 24.02.2024

Might we define health in the same way that we have defined disease – through a series of cases. The answer to the question “What is health?”may lie in minute particulars. We might build up textbooks of health to match our textbooks of disease.

@richard56 | Richard Smith | 29.02.2024@maurobiani | Mauro Biani | 29.02.2024

Over 1 billion people living with obesity in the world today: and no country has an effective plan of action.

@richardhorton1 | Richard Horton | 1.03.2024

Inheritance will increase inequalities. A challenge to equity across the generations.

@MichaelMarmo | Sir Michael marmot | 2.03.2024

“J’adore la mélancolie. Je ne cherche pas de remède pour m’en guérir. Rêverie et mélancolie sont mes drogues.”

@so_contrary | marysocontrary | 3.03.2024

“Our findings indicate that communicating uncertainty buffers against a loss of trust when evidence changes. Moreover, explaining uncertainty does not appear to harm trust.”

@ivanoransky | Ivan Oransky | 2.03.2024

In some labs, the culture fosters a dynamic where students who produce desired results are favoured, regardless of quality of the work or even research integrity

@cshperspectives | Richard Sever | 3.03.2024

Want a simple rule? Does the lab judge its success by where it publishes? Does it consider a Science, Cell or Nature paper to be the highest accomplishment? If so, it’s not serious about doing science right. You should join a lab that’s fighting the system, not playing in it.

@mbeisen | Michael Eisen | 4.03.2023

A major new announcement: Mandatory data and code sharing for research published by The BMJ

@KamranAbbasi | Kamran Abbasi | 5.03.2024

We have been shouting about this forever and a day (see reference 1 in this editorial...) alongside many others. Bravo BMJ! This is magnificent to see, I look forward to it being magnificent in practice!

@bengoldacre | Ben Goldacre | 5.03.2024

Ugh. The @US_FDA decided to allow yogurt to label itself “effective” in fighting type 2 diabetes This is based only on “limited evidence,” which means: v. weak observational studies only. No cause-and-effect data. So why approve, FDA?

@bigfatsurprise | Nina Teicholz | 6.03.2024

The fact that you just found out that something was happening doesn’t make it a “secret.”

@JamesSurowiecki | James Surowiecki | 6.03.2024

What I could not see at first, and had to learn through practice, observing, listening and new forms of measurement, was that relationships are the element that matters, the foundation of a new system, the new framework within which we must create.

@Richard56 | Richard Smith | 7.03.2024

Not a fan of people passing off AI peer reviews as their own, but do think there could be value in authors routinely using tailored AI for pre-submission critique/sense check (and for accompanying code). Especially with the increasing focus on pre-prints in biomedical science….

@adamjkucharski | Adam Kucharski | 18.03.2024

Every year more than 20,000 pregnancies in the U.S. result in a stillbirth, but not all of these tragedies were inevitable. As many as one in four stillbirths are potentially preventable.

@propublica | ProPublica | 18.03.2024

La battaglia contro la coglionaggine comincia da sé stessi.

@paolonori | Paolo Nori | 18.03.2024

Seven IND firms that failed drug quality test gave $$ to IND political parties thru electoral bonds: Drug regulatn is just one area where the pharmaceutical industry seeks concessions from governments, say experts.

@pash22 | Ash Paul | 18.03.2024

Nel centenario di Basaglia.

Trial in Norvegia dove medici e staff di ospedali psichiatrici avevano dubbi sulla sicurezza propria e dei pazienti in cura volontaria a “porte aperte” (come da linee-guida). Pensavano che questa richiedesse più “misure coercitive”, invece no.

@CoyaudSylvie | Oca sapiens | 17.03.2024

How will we get to ‘new therapies’ for Parkinson’s? Newsflash: We don’t understand the critical steps at play in Parkinson’s. We need hard work and not handwaving about the degenerative process, so how about we get busy explaining Step 2: ‘then a miracle occurs.’ My thought to start the week and wishing everyone great inspiration and creativity in their quests.

@MichaelOkun | Michael Okun | 17.03.2024

Dopo le classi differenziate, le classi destinate solo agli stranieri, Galli della Loggia se la prende con la liberalizzazione delle Università che, dal 1969, sono state aperte a tutti i diplomati. Che roba scandalosa, vero? Tutti i diplomati e non solo pochi, magari ricchi.

@CucchiRiccardo | Riccardo Cucchi | 15.03.2024

Circa 70 anni: il tempo necessario agli editori per trasformarsi

@Redazione_ROARS | ROARS | 14.03.2024